Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lady Bugs are Touching

.....which means that we are soo close to the actual day! I can't wait! Dru and I are ready to say "I do"!

Family members are starting to arrive and it's been nice to have them here before the big day! I had my final dress fitting last week and I felt so pretty! Krista is going to pick it up tomorrow and keep it at their house in an un-disclosed location so that Dru doesn't peak!

Everything is coming together!!!

In Dru news - he has an endoscopy set up for next Monday and more liver and spinal punctures when we get back from the honeymoon. The doctors are working hard to get him healthy and I am so thankful for the team of professionals that the Lord has placed in our lives. This whole experience deepens my love for Dru and he has said the same about his love for me. Going through something so unknown and so frightening really has given us a stronger bond.

This may be my last post until I get honeymoon pictures back. So - I love you all and thanks for reading all my post-wedding blogs! See you on 10/10/10!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridal Shower

This weekend was great! I had my bridal shower on Saturday and it was just amazing! The decorations and food were unbelieveable! I couldn't believe that it was all done in my honor -- and Dru's :o)

Dru and I received a lot of very nice gifts. When I got home, mom and I went to cleaning the house and re-organizing the kitchen so that I could display most of the gifts! I was in my element at that point! We had a blast!

Did I mention that my mom came in from BC just to be with me on this day!?! Well - she came for other events too (like Amy's b-day and H&K's 2nd b-day) but - I'm being selfish and saying it was all for me :o)

We are having a blast and I wish I had more time to spend with her while she's here. We are soon going to make rappie pie (can't wait)!!!!

In other wedding news - Krista is really pulling things together. We met with Mary Z. who is going to do all of the flowers for the wedding and I can't thank her enough. We met with the D.J. and gave him all of the songs we would like to hear at the wedding, and candy is starting to be purchased!

In Dru news - he is still hanging out at 20ml/prednisone. We were hoping to have him off of that b/f the wedding but the doctors are affraid to push his body into taking 20 or less. Dru is going thru another set of tests and may have to have another liver biopsy (ouch) soon. He has requested that this be done after the wedding but it is really in the hands of his doctors. We pray everyday that he gets better and that we can move past this and have it be something we reflect on years from now. I remember when people use to say to me "your health is the best gift you've every had" I would usually just agree and go about my merry way. Well - after dealing with Dru's medical mystery I can't help but appreciate my own health and the health of my family members. Anywho - just something I've been really thinking about lately.

Love you all and if you haven't sent in your response cards - DO IT NOW :o) ...or at least by September 10th!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bachlorette Party

This weekend was my very own bachlorette party!!!! I had such a great time and I felt so honored to have such an extravagant event. When I was single I couldn't wait until it was my turn. I wouldn't have asked for anything different. It was perfect!

The girls took me to the nicest resort I'd ever been to - Hammock Beach Resort near St. Augustine. We got there on Friday night. When we got to the room we looked in and realized that this luxury x 10. Four rooms, several bathrooms, a kitchen that had Henkel knives (ok- maybe that only impresses me), and an amazing view of the ocean. In one word - AMAZING!!!! From there we went to Delfino's which was an Italian restaurant at the resort. It was great and we had so much fun.

The next day, Krista, Amy and I watched the sunrise and it was spectacular!!! We all got up and headed to the pool. We had such a great time and couldn't've asked for better weather. I also went and had a spa treatment which was soooooo relaxing and was one of the highlights of the weekend!!! That night the girls and I put on our jeans and black shirts and went out for a night of fun in st. augustine. I ended up having to wear a few more items elton john glasses, a boa, beads, a rather large ring, and a veil. Elizabeth was the pusher of these items (sorry Liz, I had to call you out so that someday I can get you back)!! :o) St. Augustine was beautiful and we ate at A1A steakhouse. Yummy...I had steak and crabcakes!!! After that we hit the streets for some window shopping and after a good night we went home and laughed and talked until the late hour.

Sunday morning was bittersweet. I knew that the bachlorette party that I had waited for for my entire life was nearly over. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We all got up, packed and then went to an awesome breakfast at the resort. I can't wait to go back again with Dru. It was such an awesome experience and I felt so loved.

Amy, Krista, Lauren, Becky, Marsha, Amanda, Lauren and Elizabeth - thank you so much for all the laughs, fun, food, memories, and good company this weekend!!! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. Each one of you has given me encouragement through the years and have added joy to my life. I love you all and I'm truly thankful for this weekend. What a blast!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Months and 2 Days Left

Well - not much new is happening with the wedding plans. 3 of my girls got their dresses in and they love them! I'm excited! I've also purchased their gifts and Dru has purchased the gifts for his guys.

I've decided to do all of the flower arrangements instead of hiring a boutique to do it. They were going to charge a fortune for something that I think I can handle. Of course I will have help - I'm not that crazy!

We booked our caterer too. Still Spanish food - but we got such a better deal with The Latin Cafe in Bloomingdale! I'm super excited to have them on our team!

We also booked the DJ. We are using some church friends and I'm very confident in their abilities!

Dru is going to find his tux next weekend and then get with the guys to get them all fitted. I still need to find the outfits I want for my flower girls. It's a challenge because one of them is up in Canada. We will get it done though. I'm not worried about it.

I'll be sending out my invitations soon. Within the next couple of weeks or so. I'm really excited to get those out the door!

Dru and I are getting really excited to be husband and wifey!

That's it for now! Love you all.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Planning Planning Planning

This weekend was a lot of fun! On Saturday, I went over to dad's house and saw the girls! They were so adorable in their little swimsuits. They have so much personality. I love it!

The main reason why I went over to dad's house was that Krista and I were going to crack down on some wedding planning. We got A LOT done! We started making calls to various people and to several rental companies. At noontime, we went over to Le Semptima - a local spanish restaurant - to sample their food for the wedding. Yes, we already had food taken care of but, we are worried because everytime we tried to see our caterer the doors were closed. So, we are going to get some quotes from several other spanish restaurants and go from there.

We also booked the inside room at the Palmetto Club. Originally, we were going to do everything outside. I started feeling a little panicked about that decision since I will be in a rather large gown and sweat will be inevitable! So, the ceremony will be outside in the garden and the reception will be inside in the Magnolia room!

Krista and I also went shopping for more decorations. We went to Pier One and bought a ton of candle votives. We needed gold ones too so we purchased them from a store in New Port Richey.

On Sunday, after family lunch, Dru and I went to the Publix over near the Palmetto Club and purchased our wedding cake! YAY! They are going to let us taste test tonight. Can't wait! Once we finished with them, we went back to the house and stewed around wondering what to do with the rest of the day. So, we went to New Port Richey to pick up the gold candle votives.

So - everything is coming together. I feel so much better knowing that we have the inside room at the Palmetto Club and I'm really excited that we finally bought the cake!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The DJ is in the House

I have FINALLY caught the attention of my DJ. So happy about that. Now I just need to get under contract with him and plan the wedding reception music. Any requests?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drum Roll Please

And the results are back - Cancer FREE!!!! Thank you, Lord!!!!!